We asked ValvTect to share how to prevent winter diesel problems in heavy duty trucks.

When cold temperatures hit, the wax in diesel fuel gels and the water freezes. Either can plug the vehicle’s fuel filter and shut the engine down. Because water freezes at 32◦ F, a higher temperature than when the wax in diesel fuel gels, it is important for your winter diesel additive to contain a deicer that can lower the freeze point of the water below the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) of the diesel fuel. This will prevent ice crystals from plugging the fuel filter which will helps keep the vehicle running at sub-zero temperatures.

All deicers lower the freeze point of water at a 1:1 ratio (deicer to water). The more deicer the more effective it will be. However, the more water in the fuel filter the less effective the deicer can be. Since the objective is to lower the freeze point of the water in the fuel filter, less water and more deicer in the filter will help prevent it from “icing” up.

Many deicers pick up (absorb) water from the primary storage tank and the vehicle fuel tank and carry it to the fuel filter. Diesel Guard’s “SMART” deicer absorbs less water than many competitive deicers and Diesel Guard’s Antigel Deicer Additives contain up to three times more deicer than most competitive winter diesel additives. The illustrations below represent how Diesel Guard’s “SMART” deicer provides maximum freeze point reduction to help keep vehicles operating at sub-zero temperatures.

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