Delivering exclusive, 'ready-to-use' & customized savings solutions to transportation & specialty fleet industries.

No matter how big or small, most transportation & specialty fleet companies face rising operational costs, revenue uncertainty and increased competition, putting tremendous pressure to accelerate cost savings strategies that positively impact the bottom line.

At CrownSource, we combine our spend analytics, sourcing, contracting, and procurement best-practices expertise with our innovative purchasing technology solutions to make it simple, fast, and convenient for companies to reduce costs across their fleet, maintenance shop, facilities, office, safety program, and much more.

Our Procurement Strategies

Proven procurement best-practice strategies designed for one vehicle or a fleet of one-thousand.

Group Purchasing

We leverage the purchasing volume of our large and rapidly growing customer network across transportation & specialty fleet industries to source, negotiate, contract and deliver a portfolio of exclusive, ready-to-use cost savings programs with market-leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers to owner operators & small-to-medium-sized companies who operate a fleet.

Custom Sourcing

We combine the intelligent use of data with our sourcing, contracting, and procurement best-practice expertise to create customized cost savings programs for large fleet, multi-location transportation & specialty fleet companies. We deliver these sustainable cost reduction savings through our innovative, E*Commerce Marketplace customized to meet your needs.


Our sourcing, contracting and procurement best-practice experts leverage the combined purchasing volume of a group of like-minded transportation & specialty fleet companies who commit to engage with each other to create an exclusive, customized cost savings program which delivers preferential pricing and other benefits from manufacturers, suppliers, & dealers.

Our Savings Solutions

A portfolio of ready-to-use & customized cost savings programs delivered through innovative technology.

Tire Savings App

Owner Operators and small-to-medium sized fleets gain access to our top-tier, national account discounts on commercial truck and specialty tires. It’s quick and easy to save as much as 45%. Just pull into any tire dealer or truck stop and reference the appropriate CrownSource national account number available on our Tire Savings Mobile App.

Fuel Card Savings

Our universal, customizable OTR & Local fuel card program delivers deep discounts through our broad ‘In-Network’ of major and independent truck stop chains which includes more than 4,000 truck stop and 370,000 gas station fueling locations, nationwide. Plus, utilize our experts to deliver deep discounts on bulk & mobile fuel.

Fleet & Operations Savings

Simplify your purchasing processes through an easy-to-use, one-stop E*Commerce shopping experience built specifically for transportation & specialty fleet companies. Buyers quickly search, shop, purchase, and save on more than four million products from market-leading manufacturers & suppliers needed to operate your business.

Custom Marketplace

By combining our procurement best-practices expertise with a large fleet, multi-location company's buying power, we deliver sustainable cost savings programs accessed through a customizable E*Commerce Marketplace solution that provides the ease of B2C buying, but with the control and audit capabilities needed in B2B purchasing.

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