Top Three Extended Life Coolants Questions Answered by Experts


Let’s talk extended life coolants with the experts. All fleet managers want a heavy-duty cooling system solution that extends service intervals and reduces service and maintenance costs.

Our Sourcing Team, who has over 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, works directly with the experts at PEAK Commercial & Industrial. We offer PEAK’s heavy-duty extended life coolants on our transportation-focused eProcurement Platform, CrownConnect. We asked PEAK to answer three key questions about extended life coolants.

1) Who is using extended life coolants and why?

Today, all leading heavy-duty OEMs, including Caterpillar® and Freightliner®, offer extended life coolant as a factory fill coolant. Extended life coolants offer the lowest cost of ownership through longer coolant life, longer coolant change intervals, and the elimination of SCAs and chemically charged filters

2) Why are trucks being factory filled with extended life coolant?

As engine and truck builders extend overall service intervals, factory fill products must be able to reach the extended service goals. Most truck manufacturers are filling new engines with extended life coolants to offer their customers the highest coolant performance, extended coolant service intervals and reduced overall maintenance costs.

3) What is FINAL CHARGE® GLOBAL Coolant/Antifreeze?

FINAL CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant/Antifreeze (FINAL CHARGE) is a heavy-duty extended life coolant that provides total cooling system protection for 1,000,000 miles of on-road use (8 years or 20,000 hours of off-highway use) using proprietary engine protecting inhibitors that do not deplete as quickly as conventional “old” technology coolant and SCA products.

FINAL CHARGE provides total cooling system protection for all on-road and off-road heavy duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental controls being used. It is the heavy-duty coolant solution that can extend service intervals and reduce service and maintenance costs.

Get a look at the heavy-duty side of the PEAK brand family of products. FINAL CHARGE and FLEET CHARGE is a coolant that’s been proven and trusted, giving you confidence with a million mile guarantee. Discover why fleet managers and owner-operators around the world choose FINAL CHARGE & FLEET CHARGE as the final word in global heavy-duty cooling system protection.

As a CrownSource customer, you have access to deep discounts on the fluids you need – like FINAL CHARGE® GLOBAL Coolant/Antifreeze  –  to keep your fleet running smoothly. Login to our eProcurement Platform, CrownConnect, to see all our heavy-duty cooling system protection products. Not a customer? Schedule a demo now.

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