10 Tips to Help Prevent Cold Temperature Operability Problems!


Get your fleet ready for winter weather:

  1. Pump water bottoms from storage tanks.
  2. Use Tank Dri* to remove any remaining water and condition vehicle saddle tanks.
  3. Kill microbial growth with BioGuard fuel microbiocide.
  4. Remove water and sediment from vehicle fuel tanks.
  5. Install new fuel filters.
  6. Consider using larger mesh fuel filters in very cold climates.
  7. Discontinue mixing used motor oil into the fuel.
  8. Drain water separators often.
  9. Use low cloud point No. 2 that is responsive to antigel additives.
  10. Use ValvTect Diesel Guard Antigel/Deicer additives at recommended levels from  November 1 through March 15.

*What is Tank Dri? Tank Dri, a ValvTect product, is a vital part of your overall winter preventative maintenance. Tank Dri safely removes trace water in your bulk storage tank and helps eliminate corrosion while preventing fuel line freezing.

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