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The trucking industry is large, competitive, highly fragmented, and runs on thin margins. More than 99% of the nearly 90,000 For-Hire, Heavy Class 7,8 trucking companies have fewer than 1,000 trucks in their fleet. In this landscape, trucking companies lack buying power, have limited procurement expertise and experience, and have little-to-no technology infrastructure to effectively drive down their individual cost. CrownSource exists to transform the procurement of supplies and services across the trucking industry, regardless of company size by directly addressing and eliminating these obstacles. The top priority of CrownSource is to more efficiently and effectively deliver meaningful savings across the products and services a trucking company purchases every day.

Our foundation is simple, we deliver our buying power to trucking companies through our Membership Purchasing Network and CrownConnect, a dedicated eCommerce/eProcurement technology platform. On their own, trucking companies lack buying power; most leading suppliers and manufacturers don’t focus their efforts on this industry due to the hyper fragmented landscape. A Purchasing Network, like CrownSource, unites a powerful contingent of companies while each individual member maintains their autonomy. Through the strength of our membership and our decades of procurement expertise, we’re able to deliver unprecedented savings to each and every member, on every purchase, every day.

CrownSource doesn’t just help you spend less on supplies, we create efficiencies across your organization. Through our ongoing sourcing and contracting processes, we deliver over 2 million products and services at discounted pricing to our members through CrownConnect. Our world-class, single eCommerce Marketplace and eProcurement platform provides a one-stop shopping experience for our members. This simple, high-quality user experience makes your employees more efficient, in addition to its direct impact on your profitability. Procurement no longer consists of navigating multiple websites or product catalogs, calling or faxing orders, time consuming trips to retail and “big box” stores, and dedicating time to searching out the lowest price on must-buy items; instead employees can navigate one website with low-cost options across suppliers and manufacturers. CrownConnect also streamlines purchasing for organizations with multiple locations and purchasers with a centralized purchasing platform. Moreover, CrownConnect offers a multitude of management controls, such as pre-purchase approvals which eliminate rogue spending to allow for more effective spend management. Consistent, repeatable purchases across occasions or locations leads to lower prices and more savings.

You deserve a partner that delivers more, for less. CrownSource leverages its industry expertise, contracting experience, and supplier relationships to deliver our trucking company members bigger savings from leading suppliers and manufacturers. When you use CrownConnect you save more on supplies. CrownConnect is modern, easy, convenient, and cost effective. Sign up and save.

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