Get Ready for Spring Showers with PEAK Wipers


Did you know that PEAK has developed a full line of replacement windshield wiper blades to meet the needs of heavy duty truck applications? Spring is a great time to replace your fleets’ wiper blades.

It’s not recommended to leave your winter wiper blades, with rubber shroud cover, on your fleet during the summer. The harsh UV rays of summer can damage this rubber cover. Simply put, the sun is the most damaging thing to the rubber used in a blade. It breaks down in the heat of summer, which is why they usually need to be swapped out towards the end of the year.

There have been massive advancements in the field of wiper blade technology, allowing blades to last longer than ever before. Certain wiper blades, therefore, can be used year-round. As a general rule, the Highway Safety Boards recommends changing wiper blades once a year at a minimum. If your wipers are damaged in any way and visibility is impacted, you many need to change more often.

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