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Why CrownSource?

CrownSource is the leader in delivering procurement solutions to companies who operate a fleet, maintenance shop, facilities, office, and more.  Most transportation companies – no matter how big or small – face many challenges to improving their profitability. At CrownSource, we alleviate these problems.

CrownSource delivers proven cost-reduction solutions utilizing its six decades of procurement experience and expertise; its group purchasing contracts with national, market-leading suppliers; and, its eCommerce Marketplace and customizable Procure-to-Pay technology system designed to improve a transportation company’s profitability.

The transportation industry is a very large, highly competitive, and highly fragmented industry which makes it difficult to increase a company’s top line revenue.  Transportation companies have limited time, resources, experience, and technology needed to manage their total operating expenses more efficiently and effectively.  Small-to-midsized fleets have limited buying power which inhibits their ability to save more on the products and services they purchase every day to operate their business.  Large fleets struggle to eliminate total cost creep which spirals out of control due to the complexities of everchanging market conditions, unpredictable and varying supplier dynamics, and managing inconsistent buying behaviors due to multiple buyers and multiple locations.  Today’s manual purchasing processes and accounts payable functions force employees to spend too much time on tasks unrelated to their role.

Our Mission

To enable transportation companies to save more money across all direct and indirect products and services they buy every day as they operate their business, and to do so in a more efficient and effective manner through our total spend management procurement solutions.

Our Approach

For most transportation companies – big and small – constantly changing market conditions, as well as complex purchasing functions, pose an opportunity for significant savings through improved process efficiencies and enhanced price negotiations.  By employing the right, proven approach, savings of up to 40% can be achieved.  CrownSource delivers multiple cost reduction procurement solutions to best meet the needs of any sized fleet.

Our Group Purchasing offering focuses on small-to-midsized transportation companies.  Through decades of sourcing expertise, combined with the collective buying power of our rapidly growing customer network, we deliver national account discounted prices on fuel, tires, fleet parts, fleet maintenance supplies and all the indirect supplies a transportation company purchases every day to operate its business.  Our customers gain access to these deep discounts through our eCommerce Marketplace, an easy-to-use, one-stop shopping experience with more than 3 million products and services from market-leading suppliers.

Our custom procure-to-pay technology system and best practice sourcing and negotiation offerings transform how large transportation companies manage and control their spend.  Through these custom solutions, a large transportation company will streamline, standardize, and automate its requisition, approval, purchase order creation and transmission, invoicing, two-way match audit, and settlement processes.  This solution is custom tailored to best meet the specifications of any large transportation company with multiple locations.  The end-to-end functionality of this solution saves companies more money across their entire procurement strategy.

Meet the Co-Founders of CrownSource.

They crafted a team of industry experts who come from a perfect blend of procurement experience and expertise – sourcing, contracting, group purchasing networks, eCommerce, customer experience, and entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Todd Koca

President & Chief Executive Officer

Keith Rawson

Keith Rawson

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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