Why we do what we do.

Common Transportation Company Procurement Challenges

Limited Time
No matter the size, most companies lack the time, experience, expertise, and technology that is necessary to manage an effective and efficient ongoing procurement best-practice process.
Lack of Buying Power
Owner operators & small-to-medium sized fleets lack the buying power which is necessary to negotiate national account discount pricing like the large fleets receive due to their volume and scale.
Limited Infrastructure
Large fleets have buying power, but they struggle to maximize their savings due to challenges of managing the purchasing complexities of multiple buyers, locations, and suppliers.
Lack of Automation
Most companies struggle to manage a streamline and standardize a proven procurement best practice process which eliminates unnecessary purchasing variations across their company.

How we do what we do.

At CrownSource, we combine decades of procurement best-practice experience & expertise and our supplier partner relationships with the aggregated buying power of our large, and rapidly growing customer network of transportation companies to quickly connect our customers to exclusive ready-to-access and customized savings programs through its innovative, state-of-the-art Mobile App and eProcurement software solutions.

Our leaders have crafted a team of experts from across multiple leading industries - trucking, healthcare, and consumer products - who bring a perfect blend of procurement best-practice experience and expertise - sourcing, contracting, group purchasing, procurement technology, customer experience, and entrepreneurial backgrounds.

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