Procure-to-Pay Technology


The CrownSource Enterprise Procure-to-Pay (P2P) system streamlines, standardizes and automates the requisition, approval, purchase order creation and transmission, invoicing, two-way match audit, and settlement processes. 

This solution is a custom-tailored, centralized procurement system which seamlessly integrates an easy-to-use, one-stop B2C type shopping experience for any transportation company operating multiple locations and a fleet of more than 150 power units. This system empowers a company’s buyers to search, shop, and purchase the indirect and direct products a company needs to operate its business.

The custom-tailored solution provides a transportation company the flexibility to create one, standard item master catalog designed to eliminate unnecessary variation in product utilization and pricing across multiple buyers and locations. This item master catalog can be formalized through utilizing CrownSource market-leading suppliers with national account discounted pricing; by adding current suppliers unique to the transportation company’s business, and/or; utilizing CrownSource sourcing experts to negotiate lower pricing with the transportation company’s requested suppliers. 

This Enterprise Procure-to-Pay system delivers a centralized purchasing system across the entire organization while maintaining decentralized buying flexibility. The automated procurement best-practice functions allow for an effective and efficient management of the company’s procurement strategy in order to reduce your total spend.


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