Save More By Making Your Purchasing Smarter & Easier

Our procurement experts simply transition your company from a company who buys things to a company who manages its total spend through a proven procurement approach and technology solution.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Technology

Centralize purchasing functions while maintaining decentralized buying flexibility.  Streamline, standardize, and automate the requisition, approval, purchase order creation and transmission, two-way match audit, and settlement processes.  This solution is a custom tailored, centralized procurement and accounts payable system which seamlessly integrates an easy-to-use, one-stop B2C type shopping experience for any transportation company operating multiple locations.


eCommerce Marketplace

Streamline your purchasing through this one-stop, ‘Amazon-like’ marketplace built specifically for companies who operate a fleet, maintenance shop, facilities, office and more.  Gain access to more than 3 million products – all the product categories you need to manage your operations from tires to toilet paper; fuel to file folders; brakes to bolts; diesel exhaust fluid to oil filters; coolants to copy paper; safety vests to cleaning solutions – and exclusive, cost savings programs from nearly 50 market-leading suppliers distributing more than 1,000 major brands.


Custom Marketplace

Customize the eCommerce Marketplace to best meet your company’s needs.  Utilize our suppliers.  Add your suppliers.  Or do both.  Plus, leverage our six decades of sourcing & contracting experience with your buying power to customize the right price for you to realize greater savings.


Product & Pricing Standardization

Implement procurement-best practices utilizing this one-stop purchasing system.  Utilize our procurement experts to create one, standard master item catalog for your entire company to access.  By deploying this simple approach, you will save as much as 22% by eliminating unnecessary variation of pricing & product utilization caused by inconsistent purchasing behaviors across multiple buyers, company locations & suppliers.


Management Controls

Gain management controls and save 4-7% by automating your pre-purchase approval process to control spiraling costs caused by unnecessary and rogue spend.


Auditing & Reconciliation

Ensure every invoice is correct and simplify your entire accounts payable reconciliation process with automated purchase orders, invoicing & auditing. Going paperless reduces time as well as invoice processing costs by up to 80%.


Simplified Purchasing

No training necessary to make purchasing simple.  Intuitive user experience for easy ordering and reordering…just login, search, shop, and buy what you need and get back to your regular job.


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