Over-The-Road Fuel


The CrownSource Over-the-Road Fuel solution is a multifaceted, total cost management fuel program that delivers a variety of unique offerings designed to save a small-to-midsized transportation company the most money across its fuel program. Our fuel card offers a generous fuel-focused line of credit, access to discounts, and dedicated purchasing controls to help you maximize efficiency. 


Network Discounts

There are nearly 3,000 locations that feature built-in discounts for all OTR Fuel Card customers. You can access these discounts via our easy to use Mobile App. 

Location Discounts

Spend less at truck stops with access to discounts our team negotiated across the nation. If you have a negotiated truck stop discount, we can host those on your card as well.

Cash Price

You'll have the first fuel card to offer "Cash Price" pricing on every gallon of fuel at all of our truck stop locations. Our truckers experience the power, ease, and convenience of a credit card without the monthly bill and finance charges! 

Zero Fee Network

Our truckers can fuel at more than 3,400 Zero Fee locations in our network. Combined with our negotiated lower fuel prices, these zero transaction fee fueling stops mean our OTR Fuel Card customers maximize savings. 

Our fuel experts will analyze your program to see if you're getting the best OTR and/or bulk tank pricing available.  We'll share our expert findings with you in your free, customized fuel assessment report with no obligation to utilize our fuel program.


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