Most large transportation companies with fleets of >100 power units have the buying power to negotiate deep discounts utilizing their own purchasing volume. However, most of these companies do not have the expertise, resources, or procurement processes in place to maximize their buying power. Often these companies have multiple locations across the region or country; decentralization combined with the sheer volume of purchases made, compound purchasing challenges.

CrownCustom integrates our web-enabled eCommerce Marketplace and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Technology Platform across your organization, allowing you streamline, standardize, and automate your company’s financial functions; from accounts payable to payments, we save you money and time, allowing your staff to become more valuable assets. Through CrownCustom, you can customize this solution with your suppliers of choice. Our platform provides real-time visibility into all transaction data, as well as reports on the status of invoice and payments across your organization.

Additionally, CrownSource drives value by leveraging our knowledge-base, contracting experience and processes, resources, and proprietary analytics. In the Custom Sourcing & Contracting process we harness the power of customer data and human capital assets along with our technology to best optimize sustainable and competitive advantages for your business.


The procurement and sourcing functions at transportation companies of all sizes run lean. Often, procurement groups do not have the time, leverage, market intelligence, or tools to get the best price on the products and services they procure. Often there is little consideration paid to the ongoing auditing of supplier pricing to ensure that identified savings are continuously obtained. When not monitored, a company can expect to lose as much as 50% of the negotiated savings over the first 12 months of a contract.

Our cost reduction initiatives include line-item benchmarking of current spends within the current company landscape, as well as against the external marketplace; cross-reference benchmarking of all equivalent products from all competing suppliers within the internal, and external, landscape; spend analysis; supplier identification and qualification; custom contracting management, negotiation, supplier compliance, and realized savings auditing to ensure effective contract performance.

Decades of contract negotiation experience taught us how to deliver great results. We ensure contract negotiations – part of a full custom contracting initiative – drive operational efficiency and effectiveness across customers’ entire sourcing and procurement strategy.

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