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Every company deserves a better buying experience. The CrownSource Marketplace, a state-of-the-art eProcurement software solution, is reimagining B2B purchasing for transportation companies. Through this solution, your buyers will connect directly to a portfolio of exclusive indirect & direct product category discount pricing programs with market-leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. The Marketplace is customized to best meet your purchasing needs to save you time and money. This user-friendly shopping experience is like Amazon, but so much more!

Imagine a new way to buy. It's time for your purchasing & finance departments to streamline and automate proven procurement best-practices across your organization. Watch productivity soar and realize greater cost savings. Our eProcurement software solution is customizable to best meet your company's needs. It gives you greater management controls and visibility into your spending by making all the information you need across departments and locations accessible with the touch of a button, so Finance and Procurement can stay focused on strategic initiatives.

Discount Pricing
Realize hard-cost savings up to 56% across the low cost, low preference indirect product categories. Most companies don't focus on these products, which represent up to 80% of your purchase orders, coming from dozens of suppliers and thousands of SKUs. Choose CrownSource pre-negotiated GPO contracts or create custom contracts tailored for your company.
Recover up to 22% savings by eliminating unnecessary variation in pricing & product utilization by connecting your buyers to our easy-to-use, one-stop shop eProcurement software solution. This Marketplace streamlines, standardizes, and automates your purchasing of indirect product categories across multiple locations, buyers, and suppliers & dealers.
Management Controls
Mitigate rogue spending to save up to 7% through pre-purchase order management controls and enhanced spend visibility. This Marketplace is designed to meet your company's needs. It will streamline & enhance the corporate buying process allowing buyers to save time, drive contract compliance, reduce processing time on A/P, and ensure realized, sustainable savings.

Save more money maintaining your fleet, facilities, and operations.

We partner with you every step of the way, making the buying process easy, fast, and clear—so you can get more value with every purchase. See for yourself how we are transforming procurement with a demo created specifically for your organization.

Commercial Tires

OTR & Local Fuel

Fleet Maintenance

Oil & Coolants

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Emergency Roadside Repair

Toll Management

Office & Breakroom

Janitorial & Cleaning

Facilities Maintenance

Safety & Regulatory

Computers & Accessories



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