Take your procurement to the next level through The Fleet Marketplace, built specifically for large and multi-location trucking & specialty transportation companies.

Every organization deserves a better buying experience. The Fleet Marketplace is an easy-to-use eCommerce purchasing experience built specifically for large, multi-location trucking & specialty fleet transportation companies. The Fleet Marketplace gives you access to top-tier national account discounts with industry leading manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers delivering you cost savings as much as 65% across indirect & direct products.

The Fleet Marketplace also delivers you enhanced spend visibility, management controls, supplier compliance, and reduced processing time on accounts payable by streamlining, standardizing, and automating your purchasing across multiple locations, buyers, & suppliers.

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As a member of our Customer Network, your buyers can access as many of our 'national account' discounted pricing programs as they wish. There is NO membership fee to join our Network. Please select the product categories you wish to learn more about. A CrownSource account manager will contact you shortly to review our pricing.

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