Let our procurement experts leverage your buying power with our proven procurement approach and customizable E*Commerce Marketplace so you save more on every purchase, every day.

Cost reduction usually refers to cost savings made during a purchasing process. It is much more than that!

We combine the intelligent use of data with our sourcing, contracting, and procurement best-practices experience and expertise to create customized cost savings programs for large fleet, multi-location transportation & specialty fleet companies. We deliver these realized, sustainable savings through our innovative E*Commerce Marketplace solution which takes the best of business-to-consumer (B2C) buying without losing the control and audit capabilities needed in business-to-business (B2B) purchasing.

Our procurement experts will seamlessly implement a proven procurement approach with our E*Commerce Marketplace technology system to streamline, standardize, and automate a company's purchasing functions and processes - saving a company as much as 22% by eliminating unnecessary variations in pricing & product utilization caused by multiple buyers, purchasing from multiple suppliers, across multiple locations.

Savings Assessment

We conduct a no-cost savings assessment by identifying a company’s current purchasing environment, pricing variation, product variation and supplier variation across all the locations a company operates to identify cost reduction activities.
Are you truly interested in saving more? We need to understand your company’s appetite to implementing a proven procurement approach designed to change the purchasing behaviors of a company, its buyers, and its suppliers with little disruption.

Sourcing & Contracting

What's your top priority? Together, we identify and execute a strategy focused on spend categories identified on the Cost | Preference Sourcing Matrix of direct and indirect products & services.
Your short term strategy should be focused on implementing immediate savings across high volume, low cost, low-preference product categories (i.e. indirect spend categories). Upon completion of this process, the next step is to implement a ‘Custom’ cost savings program approach for high cost, high preference product categories (i.e. direct spend categories).

Company Catalog

Collaboratively, we will define, source, and create a custom, standardized line-item product catalog for your company.
This standardized catalog will lower line-item pricing and eliminate rogue spending, as well as the unnecessary variation in pricing and product utilization which occurs across multiple buyers, suppliers, and locations.

Custom Marketplace

Your company approved, customized line-item product catalog is hosted on our easy-to-use, one-stop ‘Amazon-like’ E*Commerce Marketplace customized specifically to meet the needs of your company.
This Marketplace will streamline, automate, and enhance the corporate buying process allowing our customers to increase user adoption, drive contract compliance, to ensure realized, sustainable savings.

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